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approved university. MBBS Abroad at Cheap / Low cost fee structure options. MBBS in Europe(Ukraine) is available from Rs. 10 to 20 Lacs. Study MBBS in Abroad is not been at all the priority for Indian students Due to Costly / High Fee Structure at private MBBS Collages. However, MBBS in Abroad happens to be a great option since the fees structure of MCI approved universities is with Cheap / Low cost fee structure. There are around 20,000 Indian students gets admission to MBBS abroad every year in 12 different countries or especially Europe. Now Indian Students are dreaming the experience to study MBBS abroad since the quality of education is exceptionally high with practical knowledge.


The biggest benefit of MBBS abroad is you can study in MBBS abroad college / university without any entrance as well as low costs to study! In general, Indian students aspiring to become medical practitioner must understand the 3 options lying in front of you right from the beginning. MBBS Abroad - MBBS option path While the first one is the best option but it is very difficult to get the admission to MCI approved government medical colleges in India, the second option is actually out of reach of most of the Indians since it costs Rs 75 Lacs upward. Hence, the only option remaining is to study MBBS in abroad in a MCI approved university. The best way to ensure that you take admission in this year itself is by reserving a medical seat for

Study MBBS in Europe

in the month of May / June while continuing your try in Indian medical system. Hence, the first thing is to find out a good MBBS abroad consultant and not to go for an agent. Taking a MBBS admission in abroad is definitely a confusing for many Indian students. This is due to many agents promoting wrong information to the Indian students trying to make money. The students can study MBBS in abroad once the advantages and disadvantages are both clear to the Indian students.,
For example, around 20% of Indian students choose the MBBS in Europe program. This is because they are not aware of the problem that thousands of students are facing. Though places the students to top medical colleges in Europe, we ensure they are aware of the basic system clearly.

  • DNMU approved by MCI is the local government universities in respective countries.
  • No entrance exam. Admission based on 12th standard PCB marks.
  • Guaranteed and Direct admission system.
  • Absolutely no donation / capitation fees.
  • Global Exposure
  • Study MBBS abroad scholarship available with select few Universities such as MBBS in Europe.
  • Very low cost starting from Rs. 2 Lacs per year right up to Rs. 6 Lacs of tuition fees.
  • Living cost in many countries almost matching that of Indian cost.
  • PG courses after MBBS abroad are also available with us for students studying MBBS in Europe.

However, the major disadvantage of choosing the MBBS abroad program till 2016 is that all the students need to clear FMGE Exam / MCI Screening Test conducted by NBE.

About MCI Screening Test.

Students should clear this Exam after returning back to India. The results of these exams were pathetic and there is a huge lot of students who are not able to pass this exam after returning back. However, you must understand that it is because the students are not guided properly and not provided with the MCI screening Test coaching while they study abroad. Jagdeep education consultants provides this FMGE exam coaching to all its students for MBBS study in abroad. Accordingly, it has 100% guarantee of passing all the students!

  • Study MBBS in Russia
  • Study MBBS in Ukraine
  • Study MBBS in Belarus
  • Study MBBS in Georgia
  • Study MBBS in Poland
  • Study MBBS in Lativia
Selection of Country to study MBBS Abroad.

Now once you have finalized the the best MBBS Abroad education consultant in india, it is time to decide, which country would suit you the most. There are many parameters for selection of the country such as:

  1. Fix your budget to study MBBS in abroad at low cost.
  2. Number of Indians in that country currently to study MBBS in abroad at low cost.
  3. Weather conditions during winter.
  4. Language learning requirements.
  5. Do they conduct entire course in English or it is Bilingual.
  6. Safety aspect while studying MBBS abroad for Indian students.
  7. Cultural difference for the students.
  8. Population in the city / nearby city for higher patients flow.
  9. Living Cost in the country while studying MBBS in abroad for Indian students.
  10. Selection of the University in Chosen country.
  11. The next crucial step is to choose the university(Must Be Govt. Approved) to study MBBS abroad based on several factors.

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